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Did you know that you can now earn points for pre-booking, referring a friend, and making product purchases with our recently launched Spa W Rewards program? With our Spa Rewards program points will automatically accumulate and be tracked for credit toward future services and/or products.

Here's how it works. Our valued Spa clients (yes, that's you) will be awarded with points for the following actions:

  • Pre-booking = 3,000 points (schedule your next appointment at checkout)

  • Product Purchases = 5,000 points (product purchase over $100)

  • Referring a friend = 10,000 points (refer a new client to the spa)

  • 1,000 points=$1

Spa W clients are automatically signed up once they pre-book, refer a friend, or make a product purchase over $100. Our system will then track points which will be shown on your receipt. Points are awarded at the time of checkout.

  • Points are valid towards products or services.

  • Points are non-transferrable.

  • We reserve the right to modify the program at any time.

Spa W points will automatically accumulate over the calendar year. They may be used at any time during the year; unused points will expire at the end of January of the following calendar year. They will not rollover beyond that time.
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