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Work, family, life…sometimes you just need to regroup. Spa W packages are the pinnacle of personal pampering. C’mon! What are you waiting for? You deserve this!

Wake Up Call:

Come early and grab an energizing cup of herbal tea. Then retire to the steam room followed by a Time to Shine facial, a beautifying eye or lip treatment and a sixty minute Massage. Look out world!

Two Hours   $200  

Cat Nap:

Stretch out and unwind with a relaxing steam, Herbal Linen Wrap, and a sixty minute Massage. Purrfect with tea service.

Two Hours   $155  

A Guy Thing:

Loosen up tight muscles and soften chapped skin with a visit to the steam room, a Fitness Facial, and a sixty minute massage. Your better half will thank you for it.

Two Hours   $175  

The Great Escape:

Call it a doctor's appointment or just some personal time. Whatever you call it, you'll be rejuvenated with a visit to the steam room, a Salt Glow, a sixty minute Massage, and a Spa W Pedicure. Then enjoy lunch as you plan your next great escape...

Three Hours   $215  


All Spa W signature treatments rolled into one for a day of decadence you'll never forget. Steam, Honey Salt Glow, a sixty minute Massage, Desert Rescue Facial, Spa W Pedicure, and a delicious spa lunch. You definitely deserve this one, oh yes you do!

Five glorious hours   $390  
  Spa-W-Bend-OR Spa-W-Bend-OR Spa-W-Bend-OR Spa-W-Bend-OR