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Spa W facials are a great way to ensure you’re putting your best face forward. Our results oriented approach elevates our facials to a whole new level.

The W:

The W facial is the essence of good skin care. It includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, and extractions. Along with a facial massage and mask to repair and revitalize your skin.

Fifty Minutes   $90  


This is the perfect facial for hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This effective facial will nourish, rejuvenate and brighten to help restore the skin to a healthy radiant complexion. Your skin will Illuminate!

Sixty Minutes   $110  

The Lux:

This anti-aging treatment is designed to penetrate the lipid structure of the skin. It will help prevent photo aging, stimulate collagen production and decrease wrinkle depth while minimizing fine lines. This will revitalize, repair and prevent future damage.

Eighty Minutes   $130  


This facial was created for those who want to see and feel the difference in the ultimate treatment for skin in need of brightness, supreme hydration, smooth texture, and revitalized eyes.

Eighty Minutes   $125  


Purify and balance acne or oily skin. This facial focuses on removing impurities from the pores with both deep cleansing and calming to help prevent breakouts and congestion.

Fifty Minutes $90  

Sensitive Skin:

This calming and restorative skin treatment is for those who experience redness, irritation and dryness. Using a combination of vitamins along with antioxidants, it will gently begin to rebalance and restore your skins integrity, leaving you with healthy, hydrated skin.

Fifty Minutes   $90  

The Back Facial:

We address the skin care concerns on your back as we would on your face. Our product's active ingredients will leave you with incredibly soft and smoother skin. This facial will help exfoliate dead skin cells and provide nourishment to allow your skin to be healthy and beautiful.

Forty Five Minutes   $75  

Teen Spirit:

Uncover the importance of good skin care habits at a young age with this teen facial. This facial will help clean out blackheads and clog pores caused by oil production. You will leave with a clear, healthy and glowing complexion.

Thirty Minutes   $45  

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