Body Treatments



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Spa-W body treatments are pure indulgence and relaxation. Many body treatments finish with our exclusive six-head Vichy shower, an unforgettable way to end your experience.

Honey Salt Glow:

To begin, your body is exfoliated with mineral rich sea salts to remove dead skin cells creating a warming glow. Next a pure honey wrap nourishes and rejuvenates your freshly scrubbed skin followed by a trip to the steam room and a light moisturizing application. You finish with a glorious Vichy shower leaving your skin rose petal soft and glowing with health. Why not bee good to yourself?

Sixty Minutes   $90  

Salt Glow:

Great by itself or as an add-on to other treatments, our salt glow treatment uses the gentle scrubbing power of natural sea salts to exfoliate dead skin while specially chosen aromatherapy oils calm and invigorate your mind.

Forty-five Minutes
Thirty Minute Add-on

Moor Mud Body Mask:

A purifying moor mud cleanses pores and improves muscle tone. We start with a dry brush exfoliation to prepare your skin, and then we smooth on the mask and wrap you in a cocoon. Next a facial massage releases tension, followed by a serene Vichy shower and a light moisturizing application. You're sure to love this one!

Sixty Minutes   $90  

Herbal Linen Wrap:

This is wonderfully indulgent by itself or as a pre-massage treatment. Your body is enclosed in warmed linen sheets that have been steeped in an aromatic blend of herbs and essential botanicals to gently release toxins and ease tension. While wrapped, enjoy a scalp massage. On your next long lunch, skip the sandwich and go for the wrap!

Forty-five Minutes   $70  

Happy Hands and Fabulous Feet:

Here’s your chance to give your hard working hands and feet the break they deserve. Start with a warm oil and sea salt exfoliation. Next a warm towel wrap soothes aching joints and tired muscles followed by a decadent hand and foot massage. Hey, why should your other body parts have all the fun?

Sixty Minutes   $85  
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